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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Make Money Online - Mintvine Surveys

Mintvine is one of my favourite paid survey websites at the moment, I have been a member of Mintvine for around 6 months and so far have managed to earn about $100. This site pays in dollars, but can be joined by anyone worldwide.

How it Works
You can sign up for free on their website, or by clicking HERE.

Then you simply follow their instructions, and your ready to fill out surveys and earn points. Surveys usually take in around 10-15 minutes to complete, but some are much shorter and you can earn anything from 20 to 500 points.

1 point = 1 cent

 I average out at about 70 points per 10 minute survey, and you can trade you Mintvine points in for cash as soon as you have enough for $10.

You are paid through paypal with this site, however if you would prefer, you can also trade your points in for vouchers from lots of different stores including Amazon, Starbucks, Pizza Express and many more.

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